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Rolle von Thomas Müller im DFB-Kader bei der EM 2024

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Hannah Richter
Hannah Richter
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Coach Nagelsmann has outlined Thomas Müller’s role in the German national team at the upcoming European Championship. With 128 international caps to his name, the veteran midfielder brings a wealth of experience to the squad. Despite not being a regular starter, Müller is set to play a crucial role as a substitute, acting as a ‚connector‘ and contributing to team cohesion.

As the most experienced player in the squad, Müller’s 45 international goals and his leadership qualities make him a valuable asset for the team. Nagelsmann has emphasized the significance of Müller’s role as a leader and a link to the fans and media, highlighting his influence both on and off the pitch.

In conclusion, Thomas Müller’s pivotal role as a ‚connector‘ and leader for the German national team cannot be understated. His wealth of experience, goal-scoring ability, and influence on team dynamics position him as a valuable asset in the team’s quest for success at the European Championship.

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